Welcoming Transgender Employees into your Workplace

Date: Friday March 9th, 2018
Time: 8:30 - 10:00 A.M
(30 minute networking before and after)

PLEASE NOTE: This session will be presented via webinar only and we will be meeting to watch together in person at Schneider Electric, 200 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173. A light continental breakfast will be served.

"Diversity and inclusion have tremendous value to the performance of any entity, as evidenced by robust decisions, expedient implementation, and rapid adoption." - ATD Diversity and Inclusion Blog
Crucial to this equation is the term inclusion which communicates that all individuals are valuable to the organization, not just those who are "different." Inclusion confers importance to the opinions, talents, and skills of all team members.

Yet, even in today's more enlightened organizations, there is a class of individuals, often unaccounted for and frequently misunderstood, who continue to encounter both cultural and administrative challenges to participating in fully accepting work environments.

For Leadership and D&I functions, recognizing and facilitating the inclusion needs of Transgender and Gender Non-conforming (T&GNC) individuals is a complex and sensitive undertaking. Effectively creating and sustaining an accepting work environment that promotes innovation, engagement and productivity for T&GNC employees is relatively uncharted territory.

To help your organization with this journey, today's workshop, provided by three Transgender professionals, will provide participants an opportunity to learn and apply concepts, tools and strategies for building and/or enhancing Transgender and Gender Non-conforming inclusive work places.

Key Topics:
The ideal T&GNC workplace
Inclusive workplace assessment tools
Practical approaches to inclusion and integration
Case study application
Real world critique from a Transgender client

Our Speakers:
Bethany Schwartz, MAOD, CPCC is a facilitator of Life and Organizational Transformation. She is a frequent presenter, facilitator and leadership advisor in the areas of diversity and Inclusion, culture change and related strategic and tactical change management. Of crucial importance is Bethany's life-long transgender experience. After years as a father, husband and business leader, Bethany's journey from male to female continues to deepen her understanding of the courage, resilience and resourcefulness required for sustainable personal and organizational change.

Bethany lives with her wife in San Antonio, Texas and enjoys speaking, writing, and participating in the performing arts.

Emmett Schelling is a leader in the Texas LGBT Community and a nationally recognized presenter on Trans Inclusion issues. He is the current president of the San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA) and Executive Director for the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT). transgender policy and education purveyors. He partners with the Human Rights Campaign, (HRC) GLAAD, The National Center for Trans Equality (NCTE), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
Emmett recently presented his perspectives at Creating Change, the largest LGBTQ+ conference in North America. When time allows, he enjoys traveling, golfing, and spending time with his partner and child.

Aubrey Crawford
is a MtF woman working at Bosch since 12/1999, who transitioned at Bosch in 2008. Areas worked in were IT-related field such as computer and system support, running phone systems, and leading teams of support staff. Today she still has a great career at Bosch leading a Virtual Team, doing IT consulting on web tools, and global projects. When not working, Aubrey loves to dabble in investing, nature, philosophy, drums, and virtual reality.

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  • Turn left at the security desk (no need to check in), and go all the way to the end of the hall to find the elevators
  • Go to the 10th floor and use the glass doors with the reception just inside.
  • IMPORTANT: Your name must be on the registration list and you will need a photo ID to be admitted.

Location: 200 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Must register by 5 PM central time the day before the session. If you are attending virtually, you will receive conference information a few days prior to the event.
Registration Fee $5

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